experiments in digital audio synthesis

i produce under the moniker 'tzar'.

i don't want all the various snippets and sounds to clutter up my main soundcloud so i'll just post here .

keep reading if you want to hear sounds i've created, tracks i'm working on, see videos relevant to synthesizers and sound creation, and see me expand as a producer

fun with aalto

so i’ve been demoing this VST that came out last year called aalto. it’s like a digital version of one of those modular buchlars. i’ve been fucking LOVING it. i knew modular synthesis was my calling… i put about 20 minutes of work into each of those sounds and i was satisfied with what i got.

more fun with aalto by Julien Tregoat

fun with aalto by Julien Tregoat 

both sounds are completely original. i’m nothing special with your standard oscillator / filter combo but there’s something about the way this one works…

makes me want to pick up buchla when i can afford it. or when the country becomes stable enough that i can take out a loan

protip — when your lfo is modulating your waveform and your cutoff, you can go places

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